About This Blog

I signed up for this blog originally as a means of fabulous, free, shameless self-promotion for my Etsy shop Everyday Peacocks. Yes, I know, big marketing and social no-no, but it's ok cause that never happened. In fact, this blog sat blank for a very long time! I just couldn't figure out what to do with it.

Eventually I came to realize that my plan wouldn't work, that I created wasted space, and that I would not be an overnight sensation in the yarn jewelry fashion world. I left it alone and went about my life as a wanna-be yarnie fashionista with too much silver and not enough time on her hands.

Turns out this life ain't half bad! I'm staying at home with my children, watching them bloom and grow. I am contributing a little bit to the household income with the jewelry, tools, and gifts that I make. And I'm finding out there is more to this life than meets the eye! So I've decided that this blog is the perfect spot to chronicle our handmade-business household life adventures. I would love for this to be a one track site where I keep to one chronological topic, but my life doesn't work that way, so neither does my blog-- but I promise to keep it as neat and tidy as I can! I hope you enjoy sharing our adventures with me and exploring all that we do!