Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pattern: Fancy Bottle Cozy

The other day I was in need of a super quick knitting project that I could just knit on the fly. I've been dying to make a beer cozy for several years now, so this just seemed like the right time for it! I wasn't thrilled with any of the patterns I'd seen-- not because they are bad or ugly, they just weren't "ME". What resulted is me just improvising a pattern as I went along.

Fancy Bottle Cozy

Turned out to be pretty easy to remember, so now I'm sharing the pattern with anyone who might be interested. I created it to fit a typical beer bottle, but the pattern could be easily modified to fit other bottles or cans, depending on your needs (but I think it's the decreasing neck section that makes it soooo sexy!)



Long tail cast on 9 stitches. Join to work in the round, place marker.

Row 1 - Knit to marker
Row 2 - (k1, yo)* repeat to marker
Row 3 - Knit to marker [18 stitches]
Row 4 - Repeat Row 2
Row 5 - Knit to marker [36 stitches]

Row 6 - Purl to marker
Row 7 - Purl to marker
Row 8 -Knit to marker
(Repeat Row 8 four more times)

LACE SECTION (Chart below):
Row 9 - (k, yo, k4, sk2p, k4, yo, place marker)* 3 times
Row 10 and all even rows - (p, k to marker)* 3 times


Row 11 - (p, k, yo, k3, sk2p, k3, yo, k)* 3 times
Row 13 - (p, k2, yo, k2, sk2p, k2, yo, k2)* 3 times
Row 15 - (p, k3, yo, k, sk2p, k, yo, k3)* 3 times
Row 17 - (p, k4, yo, sk2p, yo, k4)* 3 times
Row 19 - (k, yo, k4, sk2p, k4, yo)* 3 times

WORK ROWS (11-20) 2 times

Row 21 - (p, ssk, k7, k2tog)* 3 times [30 stitches]
Row 22 - (p, k to marker)* 3 times
Row 23 - (p, k, p, k, sk2p, k, p, k)* 3 times [24 stitches]
Row 24 - (p, k to marker)* 3 times
Row 25 - (p, k, p, sk2p, p, k, remove marker[except end of row marker])* 3 times [18 stitches]

Rows (26-end) p1, k1 rib around to desired length. I did 7 rows ribbing before bind off.

Bind off using whatever S-T-R-E-T-C-H-Y bind off method you like best. I followed this tutorial by (excellent for use with ribbing.)


I looped my yarn through the first stitch of the bind-off and tied it off before trying the cozy on my bottle--big time rookie mistake! The opening was too tight!!! Luckily I was able to unknot my yarn and redo the finishing. I instead looped my end through the first purl stitch on the row below before tying off, and now the cozy just squeezes on. Next time, I will bind off a little looser.

Fancy Bottle Cozy

A couple more photos can be found on my Ravelry Pattern Page if you'd like to see more details. I'd love to see what you do with this super-quick and fun pattern!



  1. Hi! I absolutly love this, and will be making them for the men in my family for christmas. My question is, what type of needles did you use?

    1. Thanks so much, Kelly! I still use mine all the time-- it's awesome! :-D

      For this project I used size US8 Crcular needles (magic loop) throughout. The yarn is a good solid worsted weight. If you have a Ravelry account, you can find more details about the pattern here:

    2. Sorry for so many questions, this is my first time doing in the round... in your design you go from row 8-12 and then jump back to to 9 & 10 I'm just a little confused...
      I love this design and want to get it right!

    3. Oops! Thank you for noticing-- I did not do pattern testing for this one. I have corrected the numbering issue. (I did not clean it up when I transferred the pattern from my notes!)

    4. One more question and I promise I'm done! Lol
      going from the base to the lace, you go from having 38 stitches to 40 something (unless I'm super reading something wrong...) unless the {except first repeat} means something I'm not grasping?
      Thanks sooo much!

    5. Really-- I don't mind the questions! They help make the pattern clearer for others! ^_^

      I made edits to clear this up. The confusing part was referring to not placing the marker before the first repeat. It s an edit I had meant to make but missed somehow-- I'm so sorry for all the confusion, Lol! Ihope all your guys love these!

  2. Please, disregard my last comment... I just realized my mistake this morning! haha Some times it takes a new day to realize yesterdays mistake! Thanks again!! Super excited to make these!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

    1. Hah, hah! I could have written it clearer... ;-)

      So I did! Thank you for helping me smooth this out a little! Ad a very Happy Holidays to you and yours as well, Kelly!