Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fairy Godmothers Do Exist! -- Lucinda's magic wand

I think it's time to introduce Everyday Peacocks's greatest treasure. Lucinda Iglesias is the owner, founder, and energetic social butterfly behind Mont Tricot in Sutton, Quebec. She has been an amazing support and encouragement from the very beginning and I feel incredibly lucky to have met her!

Lucinda opened the doors to Mont Tricot at the beginning of May and hasn't been able to close them since. Folks have been absolutely swarming her shop-- keeping her very busy-- and it's no wonder why when you take a peek inside! The cozy little store is packed from floor to ceiling with scrumptious, squeezable, colorific yarny goodness just screaming to be touched. She has a wonderful selection of brands and fibers with more and more exotic ones arriving every day. From wool to silk, cotton to acrylic, banana leaf to milk fiber, she really does have it all! I love walking through the store and feeling up her samples-- all made with yarn she sells-- and trying out new stuff sitting ready on the needles. She has been working feverishly to also create a Mont Tricot online store, and now has a wonderful selection available there as well.

I first met Lucinda on Ravelry where she started a group to announce her new store. Since I live close by, I received an invitation to join. Shortly before I learned of Mont Tricot, my husband and I had been discussing the need for me to return to work. (I have been fortunate enough to stay at home with my 23 month old boy since he was born almost two years ago.) One option I was considering is opening an Etsy store to sell my stitch markers and shawl pins online, but trying to start up a company-- even a small online store-- is hard on a shoestring budget. So when I heard about a new local yarn store I jumped at the opportunity! I asked Lucinda if she was intereested in displaying local artisans at the store, and it turns out she was already scouting the scene. I showed her some designs and all of the sudden Everyday Peacocks went from dream to reality! My shawl pins are now being sold at Mont Tricot and I couldn't be more proud.

Lucinda's support and encouragement has allowed me to not only open my Etsy shop, but it has also allowed Everyday Peacocks to bloom. I have expanded my catalog to include stitch markers and stitch holders (also being sold at Mont Tricot, coming soon to my online shop) with designs for a new collection in the works. Lucinda, you are fabulous and will always be my Fairy Godmother!

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  1. I'm so glad you wrote a second post! Lucinda is wonderful and I hope you two can collaborate more and more!

    Laurie - Falling Stitches