Saturday, July 7, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well, I'm not quite sure how it happened, but things have started really buzzing around the studio! I'm learning to hop, skip, and jump in all news ways with everything going on these days...

Summer is finally in full swing here in Southern Quebec. The heat and humidity Is so thick some days that I swear my silver might melt! Something about this kind of weather makes the kiddos a little loopy as well, which always makes life a bit more interesting. The 12 year old (this week!) girl is in a constant state of boredom interspersed with embarrassment over a seriously uncool mom. And the almost 2 year old boy is not happy unless he is in a constant state of motion-- pushing his limits totally counts here. Throw in a husband who is in full-on summer maintenance mode and I get zero time to myself.

Despite "all the above", Everyday Peacocks is starting to really grow! The Springly Collection is finally complete with all items available in the online store. And now that I am wrapping up my first really large order, for Mont Tricot in Sutton, QC, I can turn my focus to new designs and products! With the change in seasons Everyday Peacocks will see vibrant new colors dressed in copper, brass, and bronze. (I may even get the chance to start playing with wood... This is a long overdue to-do list item for me!). But first I have to clean up the studio--big messes are definately a by-product of creativity.

Beyond the massive order heading to Mont Tricot this weekend, my Yarn Jewelry has been doing a bit of traveling recently, heading out to Virginia, California, and Massachusetts. And now, with the latest shipment to Germany, Everyday Peacocks has gone global! It's very exciting to realize that my creations are bringing smiles to so many people in so many places. I look forward to all my future journeys and hope I may visit you soon, too!

So the light is starting to show at the end of a long tunnel and I am due for a nice break. This Sunday I am treating myself to a wonderful, yarny day out! I will be spending the afternoon in Sutton catching up on my Shattered Sun Shawl, petting and squeezing new Indigo Moon Yarns, picking out my first ever sock project, and enjoying the great camaraderie I always find at Mont Tricot. Oh, and coffee... Blissfully prepared "I didn't make this myself" coffee. If you are in town, drop on by and say hi--I love meeting new people and sharing in yarny goodness!

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