Saturday, September 22, 2012

Crash Course in Comfort Sock by Berroco

This summer I was encouraged to jump on the sock bandwagon and knit my first pair of socks ever. 'Why not', I thought, and proceeded to pick out some yarn.


I had seen a pattern for some pompom socks and thought they would be perfect for my daughter and chose my yarn based on a 12 year old being the recipient. I wanted durability, washability, and (most of all) stretchability for her ever growing feet! Petting and feeling and reading labels really wasn't necessary since I had Lucinda--Mont Tricot's resident sock expert-- there to offer advice. She suggested Berroco Comfort Sock yarn as the best choice to meet my many demands. I grabbed it up and headed home to start my summer knitting project.


As with many great plans, life got in the way and my socks were delayed. I was finally able to cast on and play with Berroco's squishy goodness early in August. I'm not quite finished with the socks yet, but this is what I've discovered so far.


  • Soooooooo soft-- like I could knit with this forever soft
  • Fairly splitty, but not unknittable-- the fibers don't separate on their own, but they don't take that much encouragement from a knitting needle (or a hangnail!)
  • Yarn is very forgiving-- uneven stitches are not super obvious, and it frogs/reworks beautifully
  • Nice and stretchy!-- but this may be because I'm knitting lace and ribbing
  • MOST IMPORTANT DISCOVERY: center pull yarn end knots up horribly with the rest of the skein as it is being used! I am knitting these socks 2-at-a-time on the same ball of yarn, so I am using both ends of the skein. My biggest regret is that I did not wind the yarn before starting--I have spent as much time untangling yarn blobs pulled out of the center as I have actually knitting the socks. (No, this is not an exageration...)


I really love the feel of this yarn and the look of the fabric! It's one of the best feeling "plain" acrylic yarns that I've come across. I will definately use it again--great possibility for baby and kid friendly items! But I strongly urge everyone to rewind the yarn before using, just to reduce the chance of unwanted headaches! I'm not sure if it will help, but it certainly can't hurt!

tangled yarn


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