Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crochet, Crochet, Crochet!

With the arrival of the Cascade Collection comes the introduction of the new Everyday Peacocks Crochet Tools!

Everyday Peacocks Crochet Tools


The first tool being introduced is a new take on an old favorite-- the crochet stitch marker. When talking with crocheters about what they look for in a crochet marker, a couple of items kept coming up: ability to lock/stay in place, and easy to use with one hand. I added a few more to my "must do" list as well to develop these designs: lay flat against the fabric (not sticking out at weird angles), create tools for all types of crochet work, and (of course) be absolutely decadent and fabulous in true Peacock style!

yarn ball

These qualities swirled together for months until finally I was happy with the base design. Rather than trying to imitate what I have already seen, I have tried to create something totally new and different. The biggest challenge was to create a way to keep the markers in place without using a hinge or other type of locking mechanism which could easily snag on the crocheted yarn/thread with repeated use. In response to this hurdle I developed a special notched design which keeps the markers in place, reduces slipping, and helps them to hang 'just right'.

Everyday Peacocks Swirl Crochet Markers

Created with ease of use in mind, these markers are not only fabulous to look at, they are very easy to manipulate as well. Each marker has a portion large enough to grasp between thumb and forefinger allowing for insertion and removal using only one hand-- this means you spend less time fiddling with your marker and more time crocheting your masterpiece!

crochet hooks

I freely admit that I do not crochet often-- much more of a knitter myself-- but one of my favorite things to crochet is thread work and lace. By working with this sort of pattern as well as the thicker worsted weight variety, I have seen that one size tool does not fit all. Therefore, I am offering several tip sizes and thicknesses to accommodate every crocheter's wildest fantasy! Currently I am creating two sizes of looped tips, and two sizes of straight tips. If these sizes not large enough (or small enough) for your needs, let me know and we can figure out a solution together!

Everyday Peacocks Spiral Crochet Markers

As I am sure you have all guessed by now, I take great pride in my work and absolutely love the way these tools have turned out. Next time I will be introducing Everyday Peacocks Crochet Keepers! As this is a new arena for me, any comments or suggestions you may have would be great; if there are any crochet needs that I might be able to help with, leave me a note in the comments! I love discovering new things!


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