Monday, October 22, 2012

Who's Keeping Your Crochet?

With the arrival of the Cascade Collection comes the introduction of the new Everyday Peacocks Crochet Tools!

Everyday Peacocks Crochet Keeper


The next tool being introduced is something unique, and the very definition of fabulous decadence-- the Crochet Keeper! The concept for this tool came directly from the feedback of crocheters. I asked what types of tools crocheters might need--that I am unaware of, since I am not proficient in this crafty art form. Most folks told me there were not many accessory tools used other than stitch markers (and of course the main tool, a crochet hook.) Several people mentioned they use their markers to "hold" their projects when they put them down--so that the yarn or string won't unravel. Personally I have always left my hook in place and carefully stored the crochet Work In Progress (WIP), crossing my fingers that the hook would not slip out! I said to myself, 'there's gotta be a better way...'

crochet hooks

Since this is a common problem, I decided it was worth solving. The main objectives for this tool would be:

  • Free up hooks to use on simultaneous projects
  • Free up crochet markers to use on simultaneous projects
  • Eliminate the chance of the tool accidentally falling off
  • And keep WIPs from unraveling in the most decadent and fabulous way possible!

yarn ball

From this, the Crochet Keeper was born! These easy to use Crochet Keepers will not only effectively protect your WIPs from unraveling when not being worked on (with their unique double loop design), but they will look gorgeous while doing it. Liberate your crochet markers and hooks letting them do what they love most-- help you with other projects!!!

Since crochet work can take so many forms, and use so many weights of yarn, I felt one type of Crochet Keeper was not enough. Therefore, I am offering two sizes -- Light Weight for those daintier and light weight yarn projects, and Heavy Weight for those thicker worsted or bulky weight projects. The sizes are really developed for aesthetic purposes, since either size will work for any project, but for those very delicate projects I do recommend the smaller keepers due to the thicker wire being a bit heavier in physical weight. If you are worried these sizes may not suit your needs, let me know and we can figure out a solution together!

As I am sure you have all guessed by now, I take great pride in my work and absolutely love the way these tools have turned out. Next time I will be introducing Everyday Peacocks Crochet Tool Sets! As this is a new arena for me, any comments or suggestions you may have would be great; if there are any crochet needs that I might be able to help with, leave me a note in the comments! I love discovering new things!


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