Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Cascade Collection Has Arrived!

Those of us in the northern hemisphere are keenly aware that Autumn is finally upon us once more, bringing brisk, frosty mornings and brilliantly colored afternoons! I am already bringing out the cozy morning sweaters and early evening shawls to help ward off the chill.

Watkins Glen State Park

Inspired by this beautiful season and its celebration of warm yarny goodness, Everyday Peacocks proudly presents the Cascade Collection of yarn jewelry and tools! The new colors and designs are a perfect way to showcase those gorgeous cold weather garments, and to bring the seasonal spirit to your current yarny projects.

The amazing beauty and colors captured in this photo of Watkins Glen State Park, New York represents my perfect autumn fantasy. The Cascade Collection credits its name and designs to the numerous cascading waterfalls and swirling pools found along the park's pathways.  I offer this collection as a way to share that magical feeling with all of you.

EverydayPeacocks Stitch Holder

Since fall is a time for brazenly colorful transitions, I felt it important to include the same vibrance in The Cascade Collection.  Fine jeweler's Copper forms the base of this jewelry with tricolor metal accents of Bronze, Yellow Brass, and Sterling Silver.  Fresh from the studio, these metals are shiny and almost silver-bright on a rosey copper canvas.  But within a couple of weeks, the jewelry starts to embrace warm autumn tones (as a patina forms over the metals) reminiscent of the changes occurring in the natural world.  Just as with the changing of the leaves, the metamorphosis of this jewelry is wonderful to behold!  Unlike nature, though, it is remarkably quick and easy to return the jewelry to its original bright tones again, if desired.

EverydayPeacocks Shawl Pin

Playing with these colorful metals is a gentle mix of stones and crystals.  The collection features large aqua colored Swarovski crystal accents alongside translucent Smokey Quartz lending the feeling of both flowing and still waters.  The earthy colors found in Verdite beads elude to rocky cliffs and riverbed pebbles.  All together, the qualities and traits found in the materials of The Cascade Collection compose a portrait of the autumn season as it may be seen in every imagination!

Everyday Peacocks Crochet Markers

With the launch of the autumn line, Everyday Peacocks is also introducing a new line of crochet tools. Crochet Markers, Crochet Keepers, and Crochet Tool Sets will be available over the next few weeks along with the Knitting Tools and Shawl Pins many of you have come to know and love! Be sure to stop by the shop often to see all the new goodies, or follow along with the Everyday Peacocks Facebook page to see the whole collection as it becomes available.

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